If you want to study in AUSTRALIA or NEW ZEALAND you will need to a visa and we’ll help you to apply.


There are 4 types of visas

1.Student Visa

The student visa allows you to study for up to 5 years,  work part -time (40 hours/fortnight*) during the study session and full time during study breaks and holidays.

Working part-time will allow you to pay for your living expenses as the average hourly rates/salaries in Australia are  higher than many other countries.

If you are applying for a course that is longer than 3 months in duration, depending on your nationality and your country of residence for the past 6 months, you may also need to undertake a medical and x-ray.  These medicals are carried out by doctors approved by The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)

2.Tourist Visa

The tourist visa allow you to stay in Australia for periods of up to 3 months.  Working is not allowed with this visa

3.Post Study Work Visa

This is a new visa and is available to International students who applied for their first student visa after 5 November 2011 and have studied 2 full academic years at University in Australia. This visa allows you to stay for a further 2 years to work.

4. Work and Holiday Visa

The Work and Holiday Visa (WHV) is a visa that allows young people to travel to Australia to broaden their life experience, study and practice English as well as obtain work valuable experience outside of Spain. The Work and Holiday Visa (WHV) is a result of the bilateral agreements signed between Spain and Australia to allow holders of the Work and Holiday Visa (WHV) to stay in the chosen country for a period of 1 calendar year and work.

This type of visa gives a unique opportunity to  young Spanish people in a country that offers great opportunities.

Since the agreement was signed in November 2014, young Spaniards between 18 and 30 years of age can now travel to Australia with a visa that allows them to stay for 1 calendar year working full time (40 hours/week)* not 20 hours/week as is allowed with the student visa.

*Maximum of 6 months with the same employer

If you’d like to visit Australia for a 12 month period and you have not yet reached the age of  30.   The Working Holiday Visa may be an option for you.  This visa allows you to study (3 months max), work (6 months max. full time) and travel.  For more information and to check if you are eligible, click here


If you study for less than 3 months in New Zealand and your home country is in the list of ‘Visa Waiver List’ you will not need to apply for a tourist visa.

Immigration NZ

Student Visa: If you wish to study for more than 3 months you will need to apply for a student visa.  We will help you with the application.

Working Holiday Visa:   If you’d like to visit New Zealand for a 12 month period and you have not yet reached the age of  30. The Working Holiday Visa may be an option for you.  This visa allows you to study (3 months max), work (6 months max. full time) and travel

Working Holiday Visa

Graduate Visas: New Zealand also offers post study work visas to international students depending on the level and duration of studies completed onshore.   Contact us for more details

Contact one of our experts today to help you organise your  program made to measure. Remember our services are free of charge. Madrid, Barcelona, Australia

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