New Zealand‘s the climate is described as temperate but the climatic conditions vary considerably across the different regions:

West Coast: Extremely wet to almost semi-arid in Cantebury & subtropical in Northland.
Christchurch is the driest city, receiving an average of only 640 mm of rain/year and Auckland, the wettest, receives almost double that.

As in the case of Australia, the seasons are opposite to the Northern Hemisphere.   January is the hottest month and July the coldest.


Spring: September, October & November
Summer: December, January & February
Autumn: March, April & May
Winter: June, July & August

Temperatures are generally higher in the North Island where during the summer the climate is subtropical. In winter,  heavy snowfalls are frequent in the southern Alps and in the mountains in the centre of the North Island.   Occasionally, snow can fall in the lower altitudes but mainly in the South Island.


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