Jessica’s student aventures in Canberra


Want to study in Canberra? Meet Jessica and learn about her experiences!

I decided to start this adventure because I couldn’t find a permanent job in Spain, all the contracts were temporary and I had always wanted to study English abroad, so when my contract finished and I graduated in Administration, it was the perfect time to leave.

Why did I choose Canberra to study?

Initially, I decided to study  English for a few months and come back to Spain, but then I discovered the Advanced Diploma of  International Hotel and Resort Management and it was a good opportunity to find a job in Spain. I chose Canberra because my mother lived here many years ago and she knew it was a good place to study and get work experience. I chose the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT)  because it was one of the most economical schools and I continue studying here because my teachers, facilities and course are good.

Daily life in Canberra is a routine, going to class, studying, working and during the little time you have left, you can do some exercise and go out with friends.  Classes are more practical than in Spain, and also teachers help you more when you have some kind of problem. The best thing is that if you get tired of a job you can leave it because you know that you can find another one soon, there are a lot of opportunities.

What is the worst thing about living in Canberra?

I would say the distance, I miss  Spanish culture, family, food and friends.

When you arrive here you are an immigrant and also a student so when it comes to finding a more skilled job it is really quite complicated.  There is work in Canberra, a lot, but as a waiter, cleaner or kitchen helper so you are very  lucky if you get something better. To juggle time tables is also important, the stores close at 5 pm and  we go to class in the morning  so if you want to work in clothing stores is complicated as the options to work are reduced.

I started working  in a fast food truck,  it’s a “multi-task” job, which means you have to clean, cook, charge the customers, etc … basically everything. It took me about a month to find a job. After 9 months I got a job  in a hotel where I work as a waitress at events like weddings or conferences.

When you come here you have to be prepared to start from the beginning  and with two drawbacks, be  an immigrant and a student and therefore you have to work in any kind of job, the good thing is that here you are well paid, so although it is not the best job of your life, you enjoy it.

No worries mate!

“no worries mate” is one of my favourite words!  Aussies are very relaxed, it’s not worth stressing about anything and that is without a doubt the best

Another thing I like a lot about the Australians is that if you have any problem they are very helpful, they immediately help you which is something I really appreciate.

A special trip, would be without a doubt, spend Christmas with my family, visit Melbourne, Cairns, swim in the coral reef, Brisbane, visit the house where my family lived, visit Lone Pine Sanctuary and being able to fulfill the dream of hugging a koala as well as feeding the kangaroos, definitely a very nice experience!

Advice to be a student in Canberra

My advice is go on, JUST DO IT!     Australia is not easy, but I don’t think any country is. You grow so fast in such a short time that only  for that,  it’s worthwhile.

  • You meet people from all cultures
  • You make friends that you will be able to visit and therefore,travel the world
  • You get to know yourself, what you like what you don’t, it helps you to know what you want in your life and what you don’t
  • You learn to face situations that you wouldn’t face in your country and
  • especially  you leave your comfort zone, which is  the only way to improve.

So if you’re reading my post and you do not know what to do with your life, save money, travel and learn, things in life are not easy or free but only for the experience,  it’s worth it!

Canberra Institute of Technology

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